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One-of-a-kind, by nature and by development, the Admirals Cove private estate community, located in the heart of Jupiter, encompasses some of the most beautiful waterways in all of Florida. There are magnificent waterfront and golf course views homes for sale in Admirals Cove.

Admirals Cove Lifestyle

Though, what truly sets it apart from other luxury living colonies, is its defining landmark – The Club. Residents are brought together through their own, personal resort, which offers everything from “happy life” essentials (like an early morning yoga class and a chef-designed, health-conscious lunch) to grand leisures (such as tying up your yacht at a fully-serviced doc, then heading over to play 18 holes on some of Florida’s best golf courses). Five-star fare, overnight accommodations, and even exciting events and activities for children can be enjoyed by residents and Marina Members alike.

Admirals Cove Luxury Lifestyle

The Club’s private status is this utopia’s greatest luxury, which keeps the amenities comfortable and builds the camaraderie of the Admirals Cove community. Let’s just say – members consider it an extension of their own home, and the Club does an outstanding job of keeping it that way.

It’s not hard to understand why this paradise has made it to the top of the list of “the best places to settle down in South Florida”. The dream of living life on a permanent wellness vacation, surrounded by warmth, serenity, and every resource one could possibly want or need just a golf-cart-jaunt away, is reality for those residing at Admirals Cove, in Jupiter, Florida.

Admirals Cove residents have full access to all of the amenities, convenient services, and benefits of the Club, preserving and protecting this unique award-winning community. Marina Members enjoy all the services of The Club at Admirals Cove, but still maintain the freedom to enjoy a carefree boating lifestyle. Shop in the marina store, relax by the Olympic-size resort pool, dine in the restaurants, play tennis and golf, or enjoy the spa.

For more information about the waterfront and golf course view homes for sale in Admirals Cove, please contact Diamond Realty Group LLC.

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