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Harbour East is the exclusive area of homes that sits on the waterfront in Boca Raton. Many of the homes in this area have canal access for watercraft. Watercraft range from the fun and sporty jet skis and cruising boats to the larger and more luxurious yachts that frequent this area. There are many beautiful condos for sale in Harbour East.

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Harbour East homes for sale have a unique place in Boca Raton real estate by having residential access to the best part of Southern Florida: the ocean. Homes in this area proudly claim waterfront access, backyard pools, multi-car garages and many other aspects of high-class living. Grand estates and gated communities are the backbones of Harbour East.

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Just to the south of this exclusive community is the mouth of Boca Raton’s inlet, an access point to get to the rest of the open ocean. People who watercraft can enjoy the South Florida coastline or continue further south to the Caribbean Sea and the islands down below. Harbour East residents don’t have singularly use the waterways as their only source of entertainment. Boca Raton has numerous restaurants and dining experiences to pursue. Shopping districts in Mizner Park also have high-end retail locations that cater to the wealthier population that inhabit this city. Boca Raton might only have a population of just over 90,000, but it’s among the wealthiest population in the state and the nation. Real estate here frequently reaches 7 and 8 figures in value. With its rich and storied past, history buffs love to explore the Native American settlers, the Japanese farming community history and even the Spanish Conquistadors’ exploits. Although the county has officially only been incorporated since 1895, Boca Raton’s history extends back thousands of years.

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